Strength Meter NOVOTEST IPSM

Strength Meter NOVOTEST IPSM

Strength Meter NOVOTEST IPSM is an Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity (UPV) tester for finding defects in concrete products, bricks and other solid materials based on the analysis of the propagation of ultrasonic waves in the material. Two transducers are connected to the device (transmitter and receiver), during operation, the device gets the time of propagation ultrasonic waves between the transducers, having a fixed base (distance between the transducers), the device calculates the velocity of ultrasonic waves in the material, based on which it is possible to build a correlation with the testing parameter. The method allows users to evaluate such parameters as strength, density, elastic modulus, sound index and other parameters that have a correlation with the velocity of propagation of ultrasound in the material. The device meets the ASTM C597-16 (Standard Test Method for Pulse Velocity Through Concrete).
The main advantages and tasks the Strength Meter NOVOTEST IPSM can solve:

  • Strength measurement
  • Density measurement
  • Search for spaces and cracks
  • Design
  • Memory and software