TA Group is well engaged in all facets of construction from the conceptual phase till the completion of a project. Our strength is the ability to deliver projects on time and on budget without compromising quality.

Some of our construction activities include but not limited to:

  • Residential buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Historic Renovations and Restoration projects
  • Cultural and Religious projects
  • Commercial and Industrial projects
  • Institutional projects
  • Interior construction

TA Group is also active in the supply and application of specialty products and services to contractors, builders and / or owners where quality and proper application are paramount. 

Our specialties activities are summarized as follows:

  • Waterproofing 
  • Light weight concrete
  • Fiber reinforced concrete
  • Concrete Repair systems
  • Structural strengthening
  • Renders and Special Coatings
  • Acoustic & vibration insulation
  • Cellular Glass insulation for building Envelope
  • Anti-Corrosion Zinc Coating for Galvanic Protection of Steel Structures

The renovation of a building can often be more complex than the construction of a new one. It’s always a challenge to have your structure restored and renovated without losing its historical and antique value.
T.A. Group is a leading company in the building restoration and renovation sector. Dealing with historical and old structures with high aesthetical and architectural value, we guarantee professionalism and reliability through our skilled labors in addition to the ongoing quality management on the construction site.

  • Historical Restoration 
  • Plaster and Special Mortars 
  • Natural Hydraulic Lime
  • Old Stones Repair and Finishing 
  • Acoustical Restoration and Renovation
  • Lightweight and Insulating Pre-Mixed Material

Tomorrow’s habitat will comply with all dimensions of comfort. Everyone wants to enjoy a sense of well-being in their home, to feel safe, protected from the negative aspects of the outside world, comfortable and healthy. 
T.A. Group provides solutions that make buildings more efficient in terms of their energy consumption, and which help contribute to saving the planet. Most of its solutions are already helping and will help even more in the future to improve the energy efficiency of buildings.

  • Thermal Comfort
  • Health Comfort
  • Acoustic Comfort
  • Visual Comfort
  • Modular and Security Comfort