Elaver black

Elaver black

Bituver Elaver BLACK is a thixotropic paste based bituminous water obtained with the mixing of bitumen emulsion, elastomeric resins, additives and aggregates. It is a liquid membrane characterized by high water resistance, elasticity, adhesion to the substrate, resistant to U.V. rays and corrosion. Once dried, it forms an elastic film of considerable thickness, continuous and seamless.


  • Thickness
  • Very high adhesion on all common frameworks
  • Waterproofing resistant to U.V. rays
  • Highly elastic

  • Waterproofing and protection of roofs, foundations and retaining walls, fiber cement roofs, balconies and terraces, in cases where it is difficult to apply bituminous membranes and use the flame
  • Repair and maintenance of bituminous waterproofing performed with end of life
  • Sealing of pipes, skylights, vertical passages and other details in waterproofing
  • Sticking insulating panels
  • Foot traffic only for servicing or maintenance. Become walkable if covered with tile flooring
  • Protection of deposits and metal surfaces