Membrane made through stratified co-extrusion of special bitumen base compound modified with elastoplastomeric polymers for cold flexibility down to -25° C for THERMOSELF and -15° C for THERMOSELF FV respectively. These membranes are reinforced with composite stabilized polyester. The membrane’s lower face has a special additive that gives it a continuous progressive adhesive power and is protected by a silicon film, which must be removed when laying. The upper face is refined in the “TEX” version with “DECOTEX” treatment, except for the MINERAL versions finished with natural grey slate, or, on request, red or green slate. 


  • No torching and reduction of fire risk 
  • Considerable gas savings 
  • Time saving 
  • Progressive adhesion with the possibility of adjusting the position during laying 
  • Guarantee of perfect waterproofing over a long time 
  • Easy to lay even in non-optimal conditions 
  • Excellent adhesion to the support 
  • Can be applied without special tools 
  • Adaptability to all surfaces

  • On polystyrene insulation 
  • On wooden roofs 
  • In hot seasons, with temperatures above 20° c, where sunlight promotes adhesion 
  • On multi-layer waterproofing, where it is possible, thanks to the application of thermoself and thermoself fv as first layer, to save time and gas by torching only the upper layer