Perma™ - Laboratory Device for Testing Chloride Permeability

Perma™ - Laboratory Device for Testing Chloride Permeability

Perma is a laboratory device for measuring the electrical resistance of concrete against the penetration of chloride (RCPT). This data is used to estimate the chloride penetration of concrete for predicting service life, durability-based design, and durability-based quality control, of concrete structures. Perma is electrically certified for rapid chloride penetrability tests in concrete laboratories. This device is the only RCPT device that has a CSA electrical safety certification mark for use in concrete laboratories. It is also standardized by ASTM C1202.

  • Measurement of chloride penetration resistance
  • Bulk electrical conductivity of concrete
  • Performance-based quality control of concrete
  • Estimation of chloride migration and diffusion coefficient of concrete
  • Service life design of concrete structures