iCOR® - NDT Device for Testing the Rate of Corrosion

iCOR® - NDT Device for Testing the Rate of Corrosion

iCOR is the most advanced wireless corrosion measurement device for evaluating the health of reinforced concrete structures. iCOR is a 3-in-1 device which detects corrosion potential, corrosion rate, and in-situ electrical resistivity. Unlike other devices which must drill into the concrete and physically connect to the rebar to evaluate it, the iCOR is completely non-invasive. Corrosion rate measurements are taken outside the concrete without damaging the structure or compromising its integrity. Data is collected, analyzed, and stored wirelessly within the mobile app on the tablet provided. This information is then presented as contour maps which are accessible in real-time. In 2019, the iCOR was presented the Corrosion Innovation Award by the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE).

  • Detection of corrosion in reinforcement
  • Measurement of rebar corrosion rate
  • Evaluation of corrosion potential of rebar
  • Measurement of in-situ electrical resistivity
  • Assessment of concrete durability
  • Rehabilitation and repair of concrete structures