ARISFOR® Stencils

These templates are used to create faux patterns in vertical stucco or horizontal concrete overlay systems. Arisfor’s disposable templates are made from a specially coated paper to resist moisture penetration of the coating being applied. The adhesive is pre-applied in sheet form prior to cutting so that 100% of the template has the same amount of the quality adhesive. The adhesive has a good temporary bond to the surface it is being applied to and highly resists the transfer of glue. To expose the adhesive, simply remove the peel and release liner.


  • Flat Sheets
  • No Memory or Curling
  • No Glue Transfer
  • Consistent Adhesion
  • Lay Straighter
  • Reduced Bleed Under
  • Identical Sized Sheets
  • Boxes Can Ship Via UPS /FedEx
  • Multiple Thicknesses
  • Adhesive or Non Adhesive Available
  • Custom Designs
  • One Person Placement


Arisfor’s templates are designed for professional use. Typically used in the Stucco Industry and the Decorative Concrete Industry. The adhesive release paper is removed to expose the adhesive then the sheet is placed into position and seated to insure a good bond so that no edges are raised. The finish material, synthetic stucco or cement based materials are then applied and finished over top of the templates and allowed to set. Once the initial set has taken place the template is removed which will expose the desired pattern