Megaver California

Megaver California

Membrane made with special bitumen modified with new generation elastomeric polymers (BPE), with cold flexibility of -25°C. The reinforcement is made of polyester non-woven fabric strengthened with fibreglass. The membrane, fire resistance “Broof(t2)”,  is coated with a sheet of embossed aluminum, pre-painted with PVDF paint, white reflecting and subjected to treatment with high technology aimed at improving its adhesion and life. MEGAVER CALIFORNIA guarantees a sharp reduction in the surface temperature and indirect light from the roof, thanks to the very high reflectance and thermal emissivity that last over time. This characteristic gives important benefits, both for people living in the structure and for the surrounding environment. MEGAVER CALIFORNIA membranes are particularly recommended as a finishing layer in roofs of high aesthetic value where it is necessary to reduce maintenance operations to a minimum.



Benefits for the user:
  • Reduction in the surface temperature of the roof
  • Reduction in summer air conditioning costs of up to 30%
  • Better living comfort, particularly for the top floor
  • Protection of the load bearing frames from day-night and seasonal temperature variations
  • Increase in the yield of the photovoltaic modules placed on the roof
  • Very high durability compared to other reflecting surfaces*
  • Appreciable aesthetic solution, highly improving compared to finishes with traditional membranes
  • Protection from UV rays and considerable lengthening of life of waterproofing


Benefits for the environment:
  • Reduction of the heat island effect and, consequently, the surrounding area’s temperature
  • Reduction in electricity consumption for air conditioning
  • Pleasant visual impact
  • Fire resistance “Broof(t2)” according to UNI EN 13501-5