Cure and Seal 25 SB

Cure and Seal 25 SB

CSI manufactures a line of high-end admixtures and concrete bonders.

Re-emulsifying, and non re-emulsifying concrete bonding agents for use as strength and adhesion promoters, as both internal admixture, and external primer.

Designed for use with concrete, mortar, stucco, overlays, underlayment’s, and most cement based materials.

CSI Reinforcing admixture provides excellent water resistance and resists degradation by both high and low pH solutions and wide range of chemicals.

CSI Reinforcing Admixture exceeds ASTM 1059-86.

Helix Cure and Seal 25 SB is a solvent based Class B high-solids acrylic polymer, film-forming curing and sealing compound that is available in a gloss or matte finish.

Helix Cure and Seal 25 SB leaves a clear film that assists the cure of freshly placed concrete and helps protect surfaces from chalking, staining and dirt contamination.

Meets ASTM 1315