Concrete Bonder Type I

Concrete Bonder Type I

CSI manufactures a line of high-end admixtures and concrete bonders.

Re-emulsifying, and non re-emulsifying concrete bonding agents for use as strength and adhesion promoters, as both internal admixture, and external primer.

Designed for use with concrete, mortar, stucco, overlays, underlayment’s, and most cement based materials.

CSI Reinforcing admixture provides excellent water resistance and resists degradation by both high and low pH solutions and wide range of chemicals.

CSI Reinforcing Admixture exceeds ASTM 1059-86.

CSI Concrete Bonder is a blend of unique, high molecular weight, acrylic and vinyl polymers, specially formulated to give optimum strength, adhesion and durability.

CSI Concrete Bonder has a high viscosity and is VOC compliant and non-flammable.

It is designed to improve the adhesive and physical properties of most cementitious materials.