CSI Tint Concentrate

CSI Tint Concentrate

CSI Sealer Tints are UV stable, soluble tints designed to color all CSI Sealer Systems. Available in water and solvent-base, depending on the type of sealer being used, CSI Sealer Tints

will turn any clear sealer into a semi-translucent colored coating.

A low cost, fast track alternative to stains and other coatings, CSI Sealer Tints used in conjunction with CSI Sealers are perfect for coloring existing patios, driveways, walkways,

commercial spaces and for color correcting colored concrete issues.

CSI Tint Concentrates are water or solvent-based liquid color concentrates.

They are made of the highest quality pigments, are UV stable, and allow for easy and quick dispersion into water or solvent-based products, as well as cement-based systems.