Epoxy Primer

CSI Stampable Overlay transforms simple flooring into an appealing expanse of imprinted artwork. This product was created to bond with most structurally sound substrates and can be

textured ¼ “to 5/8” thick with most standard imprinting tools for the illusion of authentic, hand-laid stone or brickwork. CSI Stampable overlay is a polymer-modified cement-based system

that is mixed with clean water on the job site. CSI Stampable Overlay Primer diluted 1:1 with water is required as primer prior to application. CSI Stampable Overlay can be pre-colored or

colored on site using a pre-weighed tint pack.

Helix Epoxy Primer is a two component, water-based epoxy primer designed as an adhesion promoter between clear Helix polymer coatings and sealers, and hard surface substrates.

Helix Epoxy Primer acts as a thin build primer, at the same time penetrating the surface of the substrate to promote strong adhesion