CSI Color Hardener

CSI Color Hardener

CSI Color Hardener is the premium product for colored or imprinted concrete flatwork, or any concrete surface to show tone, texture, color and craftsmanship. This product delivers premium

architectural concrete performance: brilliant color, superior finishing, durable, hardened surfaces and improved texture transfer. The blend of selected gradated aggregates and architectural

quality cements produces substantially harder and more wear-resistant surfaces.

CSI Color Hardener increases abrasion resistance and surface density and reduces porosity. Proper use of CSI Color Hardener can increase surface strength. Used in conjunction with

CSI Release Powder*, CSI Color Hardener is the preferred product for creating vibrant colors for imprinted/textured concrete. CSI Color Hardener is an excellent choice for the following

types of projects: Colored, imprinted concrete flatwork and a variety of architectural concrete treatments that would benefit from improved pattern transfer and increased abrasion

resistance. Surfaces which require increased abrasion and impact resistance, such as street paving, warehouses, shipping/receiving areas and distribution centers. Interior and exterior

surfaces exposed to heavy daily wear and high-impact use. When concrete have been properly air-entrained, surfaces in cold, harsh climates exposed to freeze-thaw cycles. With its blend

of select and gradated aggregates, architectural cements, and plasticizers, CSI Color Hardener creates surfaces that are substantially harder and more wear-resistant than concrete not

treated with color hardener. CSI Color Hardener is available in many standard colors. CSI Color Hardener is an excellent choice for coloring concrete in order to achieve lighter colors and/or

more brilliant colors. Light-reflective surfaces can be achieved through the use of a selection of white or light CSI Color Hardeners. To produce enhanced and richer effects, white-based CSI

Color Hardener can be excellent base choices for the application of CSI stains and dyes.