The film galvanising system ZINGA® is a one pack coating that contains 96% zinc in the dry film and provides cathodic protection to ferrous metals. It can be used as a unique system as

an alternative to hot-dip galvanisation or metallisation, as primer in a duplex system or as a recharging system for hot-dip galvanisation or metallisation. It can be applied by brushing, rolling

or spraying on a clean and rough substrate in a wide range of atmospheric circumstances. ZINGA® is also available as an aerosol and is sold as Zingaspray.

Also, Zinga can be used to protect reinforcing steel from corrosion. Zinganzing the steel re-bars before assembly and immersion in concrete ensures vastly increased protection from

corrosion without reducing the pull-out strength of the bars. Recent tests in three independent laboratories showed that ZINGA had at least twice the corrosion protection of either

galvanised or epoxy coated rebars.


  • Combines cathodic (galvanic) and barrier protection
  • Is easy to apply
  • Can be applied in bad weather conditions
  • Can be applied under ambient temperatures and humid conditions
  • Has a quick drying time
  • Has a flexible layer, adjusts itself to the metal structure
  • Doesn’t peel off and is not brittle
  • Can be reloaded with Zinga
  • Can be used to reload hot-dip and metallic surfaces
  • Reduced layer thickness for equal protection that is reduced application costs
  • Massive cost saving in on-going maintenance
  • Has a content of 96% Zinc in the dry layer
  • Can be top-coated with compatible paints
  • Can be in contact with potable water
  • Is heat resistant up to 150 OC
  • Has fire retardant properties
  • Has an unlimited shelf life

  • Stand alone system
  • As a primer in a duplex system
  • As a shop primer
  • Repair for worn and damaged hot-dip galvanized or metal sprayed structures
  • On rebars