Megastable Line

Megastable Line

The Megastable line is a family of floorings that can satisfy any application houses or walkways where animals are bred. These floors prevent skidding and slipping; they are permeable to

water and are very durable and conserve their elasticity for a long time.

The interlocking pavement is the ideal solution for covering areas dedicated to the breeding of animals, such as walkways, corridors, rearing areas, etc.The line in tiles is perfect for covering

floors used for animal resting, such as stables and beddings because they reduce the risk of injury and create a soft, yielding, and warm rest area. This line is available in waterproof and

drainable versions.TheMegastable line is produced with 100% granules of SBR recycled rubber and is agglomerated with polyurethane resins; the standard colors available are red, green

and grey
and custom-made colors are available upon request by covering the tile with EPDM rubber.

The interlocking version is sold in a thickness of 43mm and dimensions of 200x165 mm, while the tile version is available in dimensions of 1x1m and 1x0.5m.


  • Protection upon impact on the ground
  • Non-toxic
  • Easy to install, low maintenance and high durability

Application Fields
  • Animal housing
  • Walkways animals