Megasport Line

Megasport Line

The Megasport line is ideal for all floors dedicated to sports activities, walkways, parking areas and movement areas.

The application of Megasport pavements significantly increases the comfort of pedestrians by reducing skidding and provides an effective protection of the underlying ground where light

vehicles pass.

Its friction coefficient in both wet and dry conditions far exceeds that of the cement, asphalt or other paving surfaces commonly used and therefore minimizes the risk of injury.

The Megasport line is produced with 100% granules of SBR recycled rubber and is agglomerated with polyurethane resins; the standard colors available are red, green and grey and

custom-made colors are available upon request obtained by covering the tile with EPDM rubber.

This line is available in 1x1m wide tiles or 0. 5 x0. 5m wide tiles; they are made with specific holes for joining the tiles with plastic fasteners which permit a staggered laying procedure.

The Megasport line also includes an interlocking tile version with a thickness of 43 mm which helps cover even complex areas and corridors with high-wear surfaces.


  • Protection upon impact on the ground
  • Non-toxic
  • Easy installation, easy maintenance and high durability in time

Application Fields
  • Sports areas
  • Walkways
  • Parking and movement areas