Megasafe Line

Megasafe Line

The Megasafe line is a product range developed for all type safety flooring such as playgrounds and public areas. These floors effectively protect people from fall incidents by cushioning

the impact with the ground and reducing the risk of slipping.

Thanks to the special shaped structure of the bottom of the tile, Megasafe is able to provide an elevated anti-shock (HIC) performance as well as an easy drainage action.

These plastic tiles represent a clean and secure solution when compared to coverings in cement, sand, gravel and other materials typically used to surface playgrounds.

The Megasafe line is made of 100% SBR recycled rubber and is agglomerated with polyurethane resins; standard colors available are red, greed and grey while custom-made colors are

obtained by covering the tile in EPDM plastic.

Megasafe tiles are available in dimensions of 1x1 m or 0.5x0.5 m width; they are made with specific holes for joining the tiles with plastic fasteners which permit a staggered laying



  • High HIC/ Thickness ratio
  • Non-toxic
  • Easy installation, easy maintenance and high durability in time