Megamat Line

Megamat Line

The Megamat range constitutes an effective solution against noise pollution generated by vibrations and re-radiated noise generated by working machines, presses and/or air treatment

units in the industrial and building sectors.

The product consists of panels, pads and stripes made of SBR or EPDM rubber agglomerated with polyurethane adhesives.

All the panels are protected by red synthetic and impermeable anti-tear fabric guaranteeing mechanical protection and water resistance when concrete is poured directly over the product.

Thanks to four different densities, the Megamat range ensures high performances when applied to light or heavy machinery, or as a supporting surface or insulating element within building

structures and foundations.


  • High performance for a wide range of loads
  • Self-draining and icing resistant product
  • Resistant to oils and also to moderately aggressive acids
  • Long-term performance and reliability

Application Fields
  • Vibration insulation of building foundations
  • Structural insulation of buildings as bearings of beams, plinths, columns and load-bearing walls
  • Linear anti-vibrating support under cyclically operating machines (rotary presses, looms, compressors, air-treatment units, electricity generating groups,lathes)
  • Linear anti-vibrating support under pulsed/alternative operating machines (presses, mallets, shears)