Protrack Line

Protrack Line

Urban transports, such as trams and undergrounds railways, increase the level of acoustic pollution that directly affects metropolis and living areas. Isolgomma has developed through the

Protrack family, some solutions aimed to coat the rails with special profiles produced from high density SBR/EPDM regenerated rubber that allow the mitigation of the produced vibrations.

The elasticity of the profile assures an excellent mechanical junction between the rail and railroad, markedly reducing the rail track maintenance.

The Protrack line profiles are available for any type of rail and are supplied in 0.75 to 1.5 meter length bars.

With the "Protrack Classic" line we obtain an excellent mechanical junction between the rail and railroad, in order to guarantee a durable junction between rail and connecting pavement.

These profiles cover the lateral side of the rail face and can be used on tracks with connecting pavements and /or green tracks. It is possible to obtain the electric insulating by using

specific pads, placed under the rail base.

The "Protrack Set" line guarantees the structural fixing of the rail to the concrete slab, thanks to the special "wrapping" profiles, it is so an alternative system to the classic mechanical

fixation. This system assures an efficient insulating from vibrations produced by the track and assures the electric insulating of the rail; moreover in this case the efficient junction between

track and connectingpavement extends the track's life.

These profiles wrap the rail also under its base and are drowned inside the reinforced concrete platform assuring the position and the stability of the rail track. Moreover, an excellent

acoustic and electric insulation is guaranteed


  • Acoustic and electric insulation
  • Easy to lay, to substitute and to maintain
  • Protection of pavements for single or crossing tracks

Application Fields
  • Tramway and Metro with mechanical fixing
  • Tramway and Metro on green track
  • Tramway and Metro on embedded system
  • Tramway and Metro on connection area such as Switches, Escape