Sylencer Line

Sylencer Line

Sylencer is a silencer for ventilation holes that safeguards the living environment against noise pollution (as required by Art. 2 of Italian Prime Ministerial Decree of 5/12/1997 - passive

building acoustic requirements) without load losses and thermal bridges, while guaranteeing conformity to the UNI 7129 standard.

Sylencer is designed for guaranteeing ventilation through holes located on building facades, while preventing noise transmission.

Sylencer comprises a framework made of high-density expanded polypropylene (EPP) - a lightweight, fully ecological and recyclable material featuring excellent insulation properties.

Sylencer comprises polyester fibre as the sound-absorbing material: besides being non-allergic, it is 100% recyclable and derives from the collection and processing of PET bottles.


  • High noise insulation
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Universal and easy to apply
  • Inspectable and self-supporting
  • Ecological and recyclable

Application Fields
  • Acoustic insulation of ventilation holes without thermal bridges