Truegrip BN

Truegrip BN

Truegrip BN surfacing system is a high performance epoxy binder intended for professional use in external applications. Truegrip BN can be hand or machine applied together with

decorative or anti-skid aggregates and is ideal for resurfacing highways, driveways and foodpaths with either bituminous, concrete, metal or wood surfaces.


  • Antiskid: High friction antislip finishes can be achieved
  • Epoxy resin based: Excellent adhesion onto a range of substrates including asphalt, concrete, metal, and wood
  • Fast cure: ready to receive vehicular traffic in hours
  • Durable: excellent abrasion resistant and resistant to petrol diesel, chemicals, and salt

  • Used for direct application to asphalt surfaces
  • For application to concrete, metal, or wood surfaces, a primer is required.
  • Truegrip BN is supplied as two separate components, which are mixed in equal proportions, spread and aggregate is then broadcast onto the surface.
  • The resin is allowed to cure and any excess aggregate removed.