Line Paint

Line Paint

Line Paint is a two-pack high build epoxy coating formulated to provide excellent finish and application properties which cure to form a tough easily cleaned gloss finish. A light reflective

grade is also available.


  • High visibility: brightly colored
  • Chemically resistant: excellent resistance to a wide range of industrial chemical
  • Hygienic: impervious, dust-free, easily cleaned surface
  • Durable: good abrasion resistance
  • Low odor: low odor formulation
  • Proven performance: long standing job references
  • Ease of application: Trained staff can achieve excellent application rates.

  • Provides durable, hardwearing, easily cleaned, dustfree and attractive demarcation lines in areas where an abrasion and chemical resistant line is required
  • Suitable for use as a line marking in a wide range of industrial environments including chemical process areas, food and beverage processing plants, dairies, pharmaceutical plants, production workshops and warehousing areas.