Aquasol HD

AQUASOL HD is a heavy duty high performance water based epoxy resin coating system. It is two component product, supplied in pre-weighed units of the correct proportions and is

ready to mix and use on site. Aquasol HD cures to form a tough easily cleaned hard wearing finish.


  • Durable: heavy duty film with low maintenance costs
  • Hygienic: easy to clean surface
  • Adhesive: excellent surface adhesion to most substrates
  • Water based: all tools and equipment can be cleaned in water
  • Solvent free: no flame or spark risk during application
  • Low odor: non tainting and suitable for use in sensitive areas
  • Attractive: available in a wide range of colors
  • Chemical resistant: resistant to a range of chemicals

  • AQUASOL HD can be used as a protective surface coating in a wide range of industrial environments.
  • Suitable for use on both floors and wall surfaces
  • Can be applied to concrete, cement, masonry and steel surfaces.
  • Can be used as a tank coating
  • Safe to use in sensitive application areas such as food and beverage plants and pharmaceutical production or storage areas due to absence of solvents and the very low product odor