Tufcon 80

Tufcon 80

TUFCON 80 is a four component cementitious flooring system formulated from carefully selected acrylic polymer, cement, and specially graded high strength aggregates. The product is

laid by trowel at between 8mm – 30mm thickness to provide a hardwearing, water resistant, cementitious floor topping.


  • Fast cure: Faster development of compressive strength than conventional cementitious screeds
  • Durable: High level of abrasion resistance, low maintenance costs
  • Chemically resistant: Higher level of resistant to acids and alkalis  than normal cementitious systems
  • Non-slip: Provides non-slip surface for pedestrian and vehicular traffic
  • Proven performance: long standing job references

  • Suitable for areas where conventional granolithic and cementitious systems fail to give the necessary level of performance
  • Used in a wide range of environments including bakeries, food manufacturing areas, breweries, engineering shops, production areas, workshops, and warehousing areas