FS screed

FS screed

FS SCREED is a three-pack solvent free epoxy resin mortar system to provide an impervious, chemically resistant floor topping with excellent resistance to mechanical damage. The

product is laid by trowel at between 4mm and 6mm thick as a screed and at additional thickness for repairs.


  • Durable: excellent abrasion resistance, low maintenance costs
  • Chemically resistant: excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals
  • Seamless: eliminates potential sources of failure
  • Non-slip: non-slip surface for vehicular and pedestrian traffic
  • Hygienic: Easily cleaned surface obtained by impervious finish

  • Suitable for almost every building environment including chemical process areas, steelworks, food and drink manufacturing areas, dairies, breweries, plating shops, abattoirs, engineering shops, production lines, workshops and warehouse areas
  • Can be used as a general repair material for concrete or most building surfaces both internally and externally