Ambex Grout-VM

Ambex Grout-VM

Ambex Grout-VM is a mix of Portland cement, sand and selected additives bagged in 55lb (25 kg) units. Ambex Grout-VM is non-corrosive and is made under a strict quality assurance program. Ambex Grout-VM is combined with Ambexcrete-SB-23 to produce a mortar mix, which increases the bonding strength and offers a greater resistance to scaling and freeze-thaw durability.


  • Bonding and levelling mortar for granite slabs and paving stones
  • Historical restoration of roadways and paths with all types of stone.
  • Bonding mortar used to bond new concrete to existing concrete.
  • Ideal for concrete and surface repairs
  • Can be used for interior and exterior application.
  • Can be used for vertical trowel applications
  • Can be used in thin layers
  • For thicknesses over 2" (50mm), mix may be extended up to 50% with addition of ¼" - 3/8" (5mm) aggregate.
  • Freeze-thaw durability