Base layer for the soundproofing of floating floors consisting in a high-weight non-woven polyester matched with a reinforced bituminous membrane realized with a special compound studied to give high usability and ease of application in all weathers. The product is superficially covered with a polyethylene film and has a selvedge on one side and a self-adhesive band on the other side, in order to realize optimal junctions.


  • Δlnv = 26 db 
  • S’t = 15 MN/m³ 
  • S’ = 34 MN/m³ 
  • Easily laid thanks to the roll equipped with a membrane that protects against the screed
  • Adhesive selvedge for perfect join between the rolls 
  • Excellent carriage and storage thanks to the limited size of rolls 
  • Possibility of waterproofing the room with a second layer of membrane 
  • Easily applied thanks to the products high 
  • Adaptability to unevenness and misalignments in the underlaying floors adaptability to obstacles, pipes and corners 
  • Reversibility of edges 
  • Odourless and decay-proof 

  • Soundproofing of floors from impact noises (floating floors)