RENOVER is specially designed for the refurbishment of roofs where there is an old bitumen membrane at sight. The lower side is made with a specific SBS elastomeric compound which ensures high adhesion, high cold flexibility, so as other adhesion promoters to fix slate and standardize the installation surface are generally not needed. The upper side is made of APAO innovative compound, developed to allow high application efficiency, strong reduction of unsightly footprints during the application and excellent resistance to UV rays. The reinforcement is constituted by non-woven fabric of polyester able to give excellent performance and stability in application and high mechanical strength in the life of exercise of the membrane. The self-protection in durable slate with a selvage of 10 cm, suitable for proper and safe application, if required, may be reflective white, with consequent benefits of reduction of the temperature of the surface coverage, lower costs for air conditioning in summer, protection of underlying structures from fluctuations in day / night temperature.


  • Single layer application on the old surface 
  • Fast application 
  • Lower need of labor and gas 
  • Maintenance of the old membrane in lots of cases, with savings as far as environments and disposal are concerned 
  • Important reduction of beauty flaws caused by tracks 
  • Excellent resistance to U.V. rays 
  • Auto-protection in slate of long duration 
  • Efficiency in application 
  • Very high adhesion 
  • Very rich compound, which doesn’t need any other adhesive agent to fix slate in good conditions and to uniform the application layer 

  • Single layer 
  • Top layer