Krystol T1®

Krystol T1®

Krystol T1 & T2 system is a surface-applied crystalline waterproofing treatment for new and existing concrete structures that is used to protect against the ingress of water. It is a dry powder, that when mixed with water becomes a coating that is applied to the inner or outer sides of a concrete structure.


  • Completely eliminates the need for costly and labor-intensive surface-applied membranes
  • Is ideal for below grade applications, reservoirs and pipelines and can withstand high hydrostatic pressure
  • The waterproofing is not affected by surface wear or abrasion and will never require re-application 
  • Self-seals micro-cracks and stops water ingress
  • Safe for contact with potable water and Certified by NSF to NSF/ANSI Standard 61 Drinking Water System Components – Health Effects
  • Prevents corrosion